Wholly Matrimoney Episode 11

And the long awaited episode is here….


Wholly Matrimoney

Episode Eleven

It took me time to understand my surroundings, and even more time to grasp properly, how I got here, even when the smog had cleared from my senses… I had tried to open my eyes but I felt too weak to do so but soon enough I gave it another try… the amount of light that gushed into the pupils of my eyes flooded the poor thing with too many images than it could handle at that point in my recovery, so I had shut the sluice way up almost immediately, subject to my body’s reflex…
   A gentle tap had jolted me to reality.
I opened my eyes slightly… her smile was gentle and soft, she was clad in white apparel… yes I was in heaven like I suspected…

“Are you an angel?” I caught myself saying in a semi whisper.

“No oh, ayam a noss o”

Her heavy Yoruba accent was all I needed to correct that impression. I was in a hospital… and I remember how I got here. .. oh! how my head hurts… I tried to move my legs, but the pain that accompanied that move convinced me how bad an idea that was… I winced in pain…and the nurse seemed to have noticed…

“No sah, you cannot use your legs now, they break”

She took my temperature, told me I would be fine and then left, the strain on my head told me I had it wrapped by bandage…

My eyes had become accustomed to the light… my senses were sensitive again and I remembered I was broke again…I remembered I was going to join the heroin business and now I wondered what I was thinking… what I was thinking when I decided that being a hooligan was the only way a first class graduate of economics like myself would be able to survive in Nigeria?…
I felt ashamed. I had being a campaigner for a crime free society, for a new and better Nigeria…I felt ashamed that my poor financial standing had taken the better of me…and then my mind drifted to Nike. She’d be worried sick about me. Thank God I had all these bandages to show, if not I would have been scared she was going to nag me to death and for sure I was sleeping on the couch… If on the day she had her encounter with Chief Lawson, the roles were reversed, I swear she wouldn’t take that sort of explanation from me…heck, Nike would have accused me of being with this woman or another…
The nurse walked in with what looked like my x-ray report . After studying it for a while she finally spoke.
“You’re a strong man, Mr Kayode.”
She said this while raising her eyes a bit and I could see admiration…well here’s a little something about me-I am one heck of a good-looking nigger. It was usual for ladies to fall for the dimple that accompanied my well curved smile and even when I wasn’t smiling I was still a lady killer….

“Do you need anything?” She added but not without a mischievous smirk on her face.
I thought about Nike again.
Nike would squeeze the throat of this young lady if she found out she was doing a little more than what she was being paid for…

As if my thoughts had invoked her, Nike had rushed into my ward looking troubled …

“Ife mi ..” I called out.

She turned mischievous suddenly, teasing me even though I knew she was worried sick.

“Good afternoon, Madam” the nurse greeted Nike, whose reply was nothing more than a feeble wave of fingers. I didn’t blame her. In these days of Ebola, it’s a wonder that we can still greet people fearlessly.

Nike had strong territoriality tendencies, and her being hostile to the nurse was one of her ward-off mechanisms.  Nike focused on me again almost immediately. The teasing took another gear, reminding me of the woman I had married. I had hand-picked a Margaret Thatcher, a real iron lady-although her strength is only skin deep. On the inside she’s as horrified as a kid on Halloween dusk.
Nike walked out briskly with the excuse of sorting out my discharge.  I focused on my nurse again. Or, rather she focused on me again…

“You’ll be discharged soon” she said in a tone that showed that she wasn’t too pleased about the news.

“But I’ll be coming over to your house to change your P.O.P  every two days”

I felt a little excitement, without knowing or caring why. Despite her poor grammar and diction, the nurse was every inch a desirable lady. One with a great figure to match her pretty face…and I hoped it wasn’t obvious that i was drooling…
Hmmm and I’m supposed to be married, God will help me o…

“so Nurse, what’s your name?” I asked her.

“My name na Folake” she said with a small smile.

“Alright Folake, I look forward to seeing more of you”.

“Me too sah ” saying this, her grin had gotten even wider.
I was so engrossed with Folake that I almost missed the loving embrace my wife was offering to a dude outside the door. I shifted my neck to get a better view and immediately I saw him, I froze…what was he doing here?

“What the???” I cursed.

“Who’s that man?” I asked Folake.

“Na him jam you” she said in local parlance.

“Damn” I said, can today get any worse?

*Apologies for the late posting of this chapter. We, the Orimeji team, would like to sincerely apologise for our absence and hope that from now on you will all be able to enjoy weekly postings of Wholly Matrimoney. .

Kind regards,

The Orimeji Team


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