Wholly Matrimoney Episode 12


Wholly Matrimoney



Nike could not believe her eyes. Standing before her in all his 6 ft 3 glory was none other than Uvie Davids.
Uvie, who she had known since childhood.
Uvie, her best male friend.
Uvie, who used to make her laugh and gave her a shoulder to cry on when she was down.
Uvie who was her first everything…Her first crush, first kiss, first boyfriend, first…

Nike was jolted back to the present when Uvie said her name and leaned in to hug her.
How long had it been? 6? 7 Years?
Without knowing it, feelings she had long thought were dead and buried began to resurrect themselves. Jide was the last thing on her mind as she inhaled the masculine smell of Uvie’s aftershave and felt the hardness of what she knew was a well maintained 6 packed abdomen. In the looks department he had not changed much. In fact, aside from the fact that he obviously looked well and better, Nike could swear he had grown into his looks and now wore them well with a look of confidence and something else. Something she could not quite put her finger on but knew it was in lieu of one who had immense wealth.
So, it was true? Money does in fact take care of people.

If Nike had a mirror at that moment, she was sure she would see Uvie’s shoulder soaked with the drool from her mouth and look every bit as haggard and poor as she felt.
Lord have mercy! This man will kill me! She thought.

Uvie broke the silence by asking her what she was doing there and if she was the ‘Mrs Kayode’ whose husband he hit.
“Husband? Oh!” Nike was suddenly felt conscious of herself.
Standing beside her was the useful nurse with exaggerated curves who attended to Jide earlier. I am a married woman for crying out loud. Jide’s face came to her mind as well as all the reasons why she chose him and not Uvie. She smiled and politely made conversation.

“Yes I am”

“Wait. Wait. Kayode? Isn’t that Jide’s surname? Jide-the boy you started dating not long after we broke up in year 2?”

“Yes, Uvie. The very same.” She courteously smiled and watched his face contort with obvious jealousy.

“Ehya! So you mean I lost you to him? Nike, had things turned out differently, you know…..” he trailed off.
Nike was wondering why the man could not finish his sentence.

“Anyways, good to see still the same beautiful Nike I always loved and cherished”

“Uvie! Always the flattering gentleman! How are you? What of you? Where is your wife?” Nike stylishly asked, knowing deep down that she was dreading the answer.

“Hehehe. Funny enough, I am still a very single, unhooked bachelor”

Nike’s heart skipped several pulses.

“Madam! Your Oga is ready for discharge oh!”

Nike wished she could slap that heavily Yoruba accented village girl. Who begged her to rudely interrupt at a time like this?

“Uvie, I’m so sorry but I have to go and take Jide home. It was nice to see you again. Excuse me”

“Wait. Let me get your number and email address, or better still take you guys home. After all, it’s the least I can do”

Take them home to where? That small, one room apartment she and Jide shared with barely enough room for hosts let alone visitors? Luckily for Nike, at that moment in time, Tricia arrived to save her from the awkwardness of declining Uvie’s offer…or so she thought.
Jide’s angry and accusing face stared at her from the seat leveled wheelchair Tricia pushed him in.

“Uvie. What are you doing here?”…..

Till next time,
The Orimeji team


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