Wholly Matrimoney Episode 13


Wholly Matrimoney


Those who said life wasn’t a bed of roses lied.

I have come to find out life isn’t even a bed in the first place-man is always on his toes, either chasing his dreams or being chased by his nightmares.

I was just beginning to forgive myself for almost becoming a heroin hawker when Uvie Davids showed up in my peripheral vision…

Meeting with Uvie Davids wasn’t the worst I had to worry about. He had turned out to be this suave, urbane and sophisticated gentleman as against my boorish looks complete with my weather beaten clothes. I hated the dude but he hated me more.

He finally said something after our long, silent and tension filed eyeballing session.

“Oh Jide, I’m so sorry about the accident, I feel like a complete asshole”

“You’re not wrong, you’re an asshole” I caught myself say.

And the idiot burst into a reel of laughter, graciously accompanied by Nike and Tricia.

“Haba! Jide, so you still have this your twisted sense of humour? You haven’t changed a bit.  Anyways let’s get you home, you need some rest. Do we go in my car or yours?”

I knew it was only a matter of time before the idiot fell into character and begun to play Mr goody-two-shoes and won the admiration of all, whereas he was evil. What does he mean by my car? If I was in a car would we have been here in the first place? So yes he was evil.

But as far as Nike was concerned, Uvie’s stupidity and evil doing was nothing more than my personal opinion. I could see from the way she looked at him that she still had one or two feelings for the hunk of a man. I scanned his fingers, and as I feared there was no wedding ring. Darn! He was still as free as air, and I saw the way his eyes crisscrossed the length and breadth of Nike’s anatomy. I knew he still wanted her and realized that ever since I became ‘poor’, I’ve had a really heightened sense of insecurity as it concerned my wife…but then this is not paranoia at all.

The dreaded Uvie Davids was back with charm, charisma and cash.

Our rivalry didn’t have anything with our being classmates in the university. I hated him because he was Nike’s first ever boyfriend and his shadow still haunted our relationship even when he was long gone…but not now, now I have more reasons to hate on him.

Firstly I had graduated top of the class while he settled with the benthos at third-class but all that meant nothing right now, while he was a almost a first-class citizen, I was hanging at third class. The tables had turned and I was at the losing end, and it looked like the idiot still felt one or two things for Nike.

Unlike most of us in public universities, Uvie was a very privileged chap. Both his parents were doctors who had held political positions in the past, having sliced a large chunk of the proverbial national cake. Their only son, Uvie had more than a few dollars to throw around and so won the admiration of many; boys and girls alike, including Nike whom I’m currently married to. Theirs was a talk-of-the-varsity relationship until their brutal breakup on Uvie’s birthday, which sadly was also a talk-of-the-varsity breakup.

That was the day I met Nike and I have loved her till this very moment.

Uvie made sure our union never came easy-he had come back immediately, as the case was with realizing what you had when it was lost. I did all I could to forestall his efforts but what I couldn’t stop was the budding friendship between him and Nike.

They were held together by the nostalgia of their childhood friendship… I felt pained but I knew it was only for a while, and how right I was because immediately after graduation he left for the United Kingdom.

Or so I assumed until this unfortunate meeting. I’d been glorying in his disappearance, but now he was back to resume his duties as a pain in my butt…my flat butt.

“Don’t bother yourself Uvie, we’ll go in Tricia’s car”

Nike’s voice had cut in, rudely interrupting my thoughts…followed quickly by Uvie’s baritone vocal chords which grazed my ears.

“Alright then I’ll just tail you from behind, Jide can and should ride with me.”

He suggested, even though it sounded more like an order than a plea. Nike was on the defensive again for what I think was her effort to hide from Uvie that we lived in a slum-although I knewshe would rather meet him anywhere else.

“No don’t worry uvie, we’ll be fine, we just….”

“I’ll ride with you Davids” I cut in, ignoring the bewilderment on Nike’s face. Maybe I was angry with Nike for drooling over Uvie and wanted to embarrass her a little or I was beginning to get used to the fact that I was poor and the earlier I adjust quickly to it, the better, like they say.

Needless to say, that move was suspicious; not only to Nike but also to Uvie who knew I felt nothing but resentment for his soul. I was equally suspicious of his intentions… but we rode.

The early part of the ride was nothing noteworthy, I knew the man had reasons for calling this all-men conference in the guise of dropping me off at home.

After he had told me he was one of the managers at shark oil and gas, one of the companies owned by his dad and after I had told him that I was still trying to find my feet after a very rude retrenchment then he dropped the bombshell.

His SUV ground slowly to a halt and then he looked at me intently.

“Why’d you pullover? ” I queried.

He still maintained his peering looks, I suspected foul play, but when he said

“You know Jide, I really like you and I think you’re a bright lad, you shouldn’t be here” I knew he was up to some mischief…

“Alright” I urged him on

“Look Jide I could make you rich…you could drive the choicest cars, live in the best houses. I could easily  get you a job or give you cash to set up a business…”

Now he looked scared and I’m sure I looked scared too, I needed all those things but I knew I was about to enter into devil’s deal.

“Yes? What’s the catch?”

Immediately I said that I saw Tricia’s car speed past. I noticed Uvie’s face had really transformed into that of a ten year old on that day. I wondered what he was scared about… but not for long, for he had already begun to speak.

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  1. Fantastic writing. Loving it every episode just another journey of how live truly is good job keep it up please try uploading episodes faster thanks

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