Dear oxygen,   The words to describe how I feel for you cannot be coined, no matter the depth, height or even length of rhetorics, no Mc hammer, no hon. Patrick obahiagbon can aptly describe this love I have for you. As you enter my lungs and travel through my blood stream in the luxurious […]

Wholly Matrimoney Episode 13

Wholly Matrimoney EPISODE 13 Those who said life wasn’t a bed of roses lied. I have come to find out life isn’t even a bed in the first place-man is always on his toes, either chasing his dreams or being chased by his nightmares. I was just beginning to forgive myself for almost becoming a […]

How writers can save the world

  Ose got jobless again  caught up in his thoughts and decided to share this one. enjoy!   Once upon a time, when wishes were not horses, instead they were okada! Ah beggars rode, beggers so rode. The world became a riders haven, every Ekene, Imabong and Ofili became a rider. The world was once […]